A new year and back to school

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We humans enjoy the feeling of finishing stuff, completing things. Packing away or discarding something that is totally used up and done with - like a tired tube of toothpaste, or the year 2019.

But as good as it is to finish something, the added benefit is of course the promise of something brand new around the corner.

And who doesn’t love a fresh start. A new, blank page, an opportunity to prepare and be ready for all the new year brings. I’m not just referring to our good intentions at the beginning of each new year (like finally fitting into our old thin clothes, giving up drinking, smoking, swearing, Fb stalking and road rage or finding inner peace... or even just a piece of ourselves).

All parents know how crisp and clean a new school year starts. New books, covered neatly, new stationery. New school programmes and schedules, new hopes to keep everything together this year and finish all projects on time.

There is something magical about something new - a new day and a new year is refreshing and inspiring. But so is taking a new piece of soap out of its packaging. Or in my case, cracking open a new bottle of wine. We humans love unopened, yet to be explored stuff. A new love interest, but also gifts, chocolates or a brand new year.

A new school year is exciting and challenging for parents and children alike - and in 2020 you don’t have to face it alone -  Ferndale on Republic is launching a peanut butter and jam-packed Back to School campaign with lots of prizes and extras!

If you spend as little as R150 you will be entered into a competition where you can win up to R25 000 towards your school fees and school. There will be photo opportunities for shoppers to take their first day of school photos from 16 January to 2 February 2020.

So for some Back to School inspiration - hop, skip and jump over to Ferndale on Republic and make it fun for everyone!

For more info check out Ferndale on Republic’s Facebook page, email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 886 0663.

Get your jingle on!

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It’s not called the silly season for no reason - get giddy with holiday vibes and spoil yourself and your loved ones with a fun day out and some well-deserved treats this December.

Ferndale on Republic is pulling out all the stops, whistles and jingle bells this December.  From 6 to 16 December there will be fun in the sun and all sorts of extras for the whole family.

Tunes on Republic will be buzzing with joy at the restaurant node to ensure you have a jolly good time. But, wait the kids also have Clamber Club to keep them busy.

Strolling around the beautiful new shopping complex you might be the lucky recipient of free goodies, instant rewards and prizes. Enjoy live entertainment as well as special events for the kids like roaming jugglers, balloon sculptors, face painters and stilt walkers. There will also be a few very lucky boys or girls whose secret wishes to Santa will come true!

The Festive FUN on Republic will also include a Festive Fort where you have to figure your way out of a fun castle, Balance & Build - a colourful play and balance area, a Sand Art Gallery and of course last but not least, Letters to Santa. Let your little ones write to Santa and you’ll receive a specially branded letter to “post” from home.

This time of year we all need to spoil ourselves and our loved ones a bit - it’s a time for cooking everyone’s favourite meals, selecting personal gifts for special people, getting together with friends after a busy year and spending time with our partners and kids while also getting a bit of fun festive season shopping done. And if you’ve decided to do a “stay-cation” this December, all the more reason to get out of the house and catch some lekker silly season vibes.

So gather your family or friends and head over to the brand new Ferndale on Republic.

After all… ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

For more into have a look at the Ferndale on Republic facebook page, email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 886 0663

Ferndale Black Friday

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As with most things in life, being prepared for a big event is key to your success.
And if you’re flexing your muscles for this year’s Black Friday, you have some things to consider. How big is the trunk of your car? Do you know anyone with a bakkie? Who is strong enough to carry multiple parcels? Which are your most comfortable shopping shoes? Is your diary cleared? Which areas of your life need a bit of an upgrade/make-over? Who has been naughty or nice?

As I said, many things to worry about… however, the one thing you do not have to worry about if you’re doing your Black Friday shopping at Ferndale On Republic is your safety. But more about that later.  If you’re new to Black Friday, here’s what it’s all about:

Black Friday is retail discounts on steroids. It takes place annually and you’ll find it at real shops (brick and mortar) as well as online retailers; most people who take part in Black Friday do it both ways. It originally signaled the beginning of the US Christmas shopping season and traditionally takes place on the fourth Friday of November.

Recent studies shows that clothes, not electronics, are what most consumers chase on Black Friday. Electronics came second in ranking, but it seems when people are bargain hunting books, sports accessories and underwear gets left behind.

Studies have also shown that Black Friday is not just another marketing ploy to get you into the shops - discounts are usually significant and you will definitely come across many bargains that seem almost too good to be true. And even though most specials are valid only on Black Friday itself, some retailers have in recent years stretched it over a few days or even the whole of November.

There are many different tales regarding the origin of the name Black Friday, but perhaps the most applicable one is that on this day business go from being “in the red” to making a profit and going “into the black” again. It’s a great way to get people into your store, get rid of older stock and also entice people with ridiculous discounts on popular items. It’s a total win for retailers and consumers alike. And even though you may have heard crazy stories about  Black Friday shoppers going wild, it’s still worth going for, even more so if you’re doing it in a next-level-shopping-friendly environment like Ferndale on Republic.

Security at Ferndale on Republic in a nutshell:
Security is top priority with a complement of 19 guards, 41 parking area assistants and controlled boomed-off entrances and exits with spikes. This mall also utilises an automatic number plate recognition system (including 120 cameras). All cameras are linked to a CCTV system; they also have anti-remote jamming technology installed.  The Centre Management team works hand in hand with the local CPF and SAPS to secure the centre which included regular site visits as well.

Of course you should also watch out for yourself in any public space - so be mindful while chatting on the phone and try not to carry your valuables in plain sight - put your phone and purse away in your handbag or backpack. The good news is, it’s safer to shop with a friend or two -  it’s the perfect excuse for some quality time with your peeps.

So, book the date, get your besties together and have a blast!

Just one more thing:

No hitting anyone over the head with your handbag, or running them over with your shopping trolley. Security will detain you, and you’ll have to leave all your shopping behind…

Have fun… and behave!

Look out for the latest news and events at Ferndale on Republic on their Facebook page or email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 886 0663 for more information.

Summer time shopping at Ferndale

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The sun is out and the silly summer shopping season is upon us. Whether you feel like shopping just because the days are bright and you’re mentally working towards a proper December break (don’t get too excited yet…), or whether you need to get your house and wardrobe in summer mode, now is the time to see what’s out there.

The shops are loaded with everything you need for the season and if you’re one of those people who like to start with festive season shopping before the December craziness hits, then you need to head out to the brand new Ferndale on Republic shopping mall soon.

In the summertime, when the sun shines brightly, our wardrobes get lighter and heavy winter attire is moved to the back of the closet, it’s always a good idea to have a sober look at what you have and what to change. Get rid of stuff you haven’t worn for a while (and Kathy, that includes all the “thin” clothes from your student days, 15 years ago…), donate to charity, make space and do a little revamp all-round for an extra-light spring in your step!

Grab one of your besties (the one who knows you best, obviously) and head out to peruse the latest trends - nothing like a bit of visual stimulation to get the creative juices flowing. Change can be very therapeutic; if you’re anything like me, you’ll know the high you get when you change something at home and keep on walking back to that specific room to bask in the glory of your interior revamp. You’d be surprised at the joy small changes can make. For some people, it’s replacing an old coffee table or replacing a rug and scatter cushions. I get a ridiculous amount of joy just from replacing a dead pot plant with something less dead. But maybe that’s just me.

Online shopping has its own virtues, but to see and touch something in real-time is so much more satisfying - and you don’t have to wait for delivery or deal with returning stuff that just doesn’t look as hot as it did last night, online, after too many glasses of wine. No judging, most of us have been there.

On average, men spend a little less time in the mall than their female counterparts, so if you’re in a hurry for whatever reason - keep in mind your lifestyle and profession when grabbing something off the shelf - light-weight and functional is key.

Spoil yourself, spoil someone else, or go find inspiration - Ferndale on Republic is brand spanking new with an interesting variety of retailers, of which the last three is opening this week (the last shops that will be opening their doors  include Outdoor Warehouse, Crazy Plastics, Spectacle Hut, Rebel Recording Studio… - I did not lie when I said there is variety).

The best summer vibe is being happy in your own skin, all the rest is just a bit of fun “accessorizing”. And we can all do with a bit of fun!

Ferndale on Republic has a bit of everything for everyone - if you need more info about the shops, then have a look on Facebook or email them directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Ferndale on Republic’s community shopping centre is now in full bloom and brings you Tunes on Republic, with live music and the Clamber Club for kids.  Join us in the restaurant node, the ideal family setting from Friday, 27 September to Sunday, 29 September from 12 pm, 2 pm, and 7 pm for a variety of music vibes and kids entertainment from 9 am to 3 pm throughout the weekend. We have several coffee shops and eateries to choose from, suitable for any occasion! The lists include options for sit down or take-out.  Choose a ‘cuppa’ from Seattle Coffee Co and Bootlegger Coffee Co or make a meal of it at Ocean Basket, Moroccan Café and Tuc n Tap. If you are in the mood for a quieter setting pop in at any of the eateries in our lifestyle centre which ranges from Spur, Panarotti’s, Mochachos, Romans and The Daily Coffee. And there is, even more, to look forward to, with Mugg & Bean and Chicken Licken opening soon!

And with all that feasting, you can work on your summer shape and strength at Ignite Fitness <insert link to their Ferndale FB page https://www.facebook.com/IgniteFitnessFerndale/) and Curves. Both of these retailers offer a wide range of workout options for your every fitness need. Ignite Fitness and Curves at Ferndale on Republic will inspire you to lead a “Fitter, Faster, Stronger” lifestyle. Find them in the Value Retail Node.

A few more retailers will open late in September and October 2019 when Outdoor Warehouse, Adidas, Crazy Plastics, Sleepmasters, Spectacle Hut, JT Tailor, Yasong, Chatz Cellular, Levinger's, Overland, Cash Converters, Stylish Imprints, Rebel Recording Studio, La Couronne Dental, Volpes and UFO Furniture joins the Ferndale on Republic family, and more banking convenience with Absa, Capitec Bank and Nedbank branches.

Our anchor tenants Checkers, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem, Clicks and Food Lover’s Market are trading daily from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays, until 3 pm on Saturdays and 2 pm on Sundays, for your convenience and everyday essentials. Restaurants and select stores trade until late.

Look out for the latest news and events on our Facebook Page or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 886 0663 for more information.

For official updates from the South African government on the novel coronavirus visit www.SAcoronavirus.co.za or call 0800 029 999