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Black Friday: A very long list of things to worry about

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As with most things in life, being prepared for a big event is key to your success.
And if you’re flexing your muscles for this year’s Black Friday, you have some things to consider. How big is the trunk of your car? Do you know anyone with a bakkie? Who is strong enough to carry multiple parcels? Which are your most comfortable shopping shoes? Is your diary cleared? Which areas of your life need a bit of an upgrade/make-over? Who has been naughty or nice?

As I said, many things to worry about… however, the one thing you do not have to worry about if you’re doing your Black Friday shopping at Ferndale On Republic is your safety. But more about that later.  If you’re new to Black Friday, here’s what it’s all about:

Black Friday is retail discounts on steroids. It takes place annually and you’ll find it at real shops (brick and mortar) as well as online retailers; most people who take part in Black Friday do it both ways. It originally signaled the beginning of the US Christmas shopping season and traditionally takes place on the fourth Friday of November.

Recent studies shows that clothes, not electronics, are what most consumers chase on Black Friday. Electronics came second in ranking, but it seems when people are bargain hunting books, sports accessories and underwear gets left behind.

Studies have also shown that Black Friday is not just another marketing ploy to get you into the shops - discounts are usually significant and you will definitely come across many bargains that seem almost too good to be true. And even though most specials are valid only on Black Friday itself, some retailers have in recent years stretched it over a few days or even the whole of November.

There are many different tales regarding the origin of the name Black Friday, but perhaps the most applicable one is that on this day business go from being “in the red” to making a profit and going “into the black” again. It’s a great way to get people into your store, get rid of older stock and also entice people with ridiculous discounts on popular items. It’s a total win for retailers and consumers alike. And even though you may have heard crazy stories about  Black Friday shoppers going wild, it’s still worth going for, even more so if you’re doing it in a next-level-shopping-friendly environment like Ferndale on Republic.

Security at Ferndale on Republic in a nutshell:
Security is top priority with a complement of 19 guards, 41 parking area assistants and controlled boomed-off entrances and exits with spikes. This mall also utilises an automatic number plate recognition system (including 120 cameras). All cameras are linked to a CCTV system; they also have anti-remote jamming technology installed.  The Centre Management team works hand in hand with the local CPF and SAPS to secure the centre which included regular site visits as well.

Of course you should also watch out for yourself in any public space - so be mindful while chatting on the phone and try not to carry your valuables in plain sight - put your phone and purse away in your handbag or backpack. The good news is, it’s safer to shop with a friend or two -  it’s the perfect excuse for some quality time with your peeps.

So, book the date, get your besties together and have a blast!

Just one more thing:

No hitting anyone over the head with your handbag, or running them over with your shopping trolley. Security will detain you, and you’ll have to leave all your shopping behind…

Have fun… and behave!

Look out for the latest news and events at Ferndale on Republic on their Facebook page or email them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 011 886 0663 for more information.

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